Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972- 1975) (4LP)

Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972- 1975) (4LP)

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  • Never-Before-Heard Demos, Early & Alternate Versions of Classic Songs, Historical Performances
  • Book Featuring Photos & Conversation With Joni & Cameron Crowe
  • Sessions With James Taylor, Neil Young & Tom Scott & the L.A. Express

Come 1972, Joni’s singular songwriting talent and poetic gifts were undeniable. Fresh off the back-to-back Platinum-certified releases of 1970’s LADIES OF THE CANYON and 1971’s BLUE — totemic albums whose artfulness and ubiquity would influence generations of songwriters — Joni had grown wary of mounting media scrutiny. Everything from her style choices to romantic partners became the subject of far more gossip column inches than were ever dedicated to the lifestyle minutiae of her male counterparts. 

In response, she had pulled back, announcing an early retirement from the stage in 1970 and moving to the quiet expanses of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. It was a fruitful change of scenery. Inspired by her proximity to nature and refreshed by the peaceful seclusion, she began constructing the songs that would become FOR THE ROSES. This respite thrust Mitchell into a remarkably fertile creative period, yielding a run of albums — 1972’s FOR THE ROSES, 1974’s COURT AND SPARK, and 1975’s THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS — that would simultaneously expand and refine the scope of her music. Her adventurous, intricate arrangements and growing formidability as a bandleader injected these songs with a clarity of purpose, a potent muscularity, and a sense of possibility — it is among the most exciting eras of a near peerless career.

This era comes into even greater focus on JONI MITCHELL ARCHIVES, VOL. 3: THE ASYLUM YEARS (1972-1975). It’s the latest entry in the GRAMMY-winning series exploring the vast untapped archives of rare Joni recordings — a project guided intimately by Joni's own vision and personal touch. The collection begins with an early cut of “Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire,” one of two songs (along with “For The Roses”) test-driven during a visit to a Graham Nash David Crosby recording session at Wally Heider’s in Hollywood.

From there, you'll be treated to early demos and alternate versions from sessions from FOR THE ROSES, COURT & SPARK, and THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS; historic live show recordings, including the entirety of Mitchell’s triumphant 1972 return to Carnegie Hall and a definitive gig with her COURT AND SPARK backing band Tom Scott & the L.A. Express; and tracks from sessions cut alongside James Taylor, Graham Nash, and Neil Young.

Side One:

Graham Nash David Crosby Session

Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, CA, Dec. 13, 1971

    1.    Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire

For The Roses Demos

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, late 1971/early 1972

    2.    Like Veils Said Lorraine

For The Roses Early Sessions

Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, CA, Apr. 16-21, 1972

    3.    Medley: Bony Moronie/Summertime Blues/You Never Can Tell - with James Taylor   

    4.    You Turn Me On I’m A Radio - with Neil Young & The Stray Gators

    5.    See You Sometime (early version with bass & drums)

Side Two:

Live at Carnegie Hall

New York City, NY, Feb. 23, 1972

    1.    This Flight Tonight

    2.    Electricity

    3.    Lesson In Survival

    4.    Blue

    5.    Banquet

    6.    Intro to For The Roses

    7.    For The Roses

Side Three:

Live at Royal Festival Hall

London, England, May 5, 1972

    1.    Intro to Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)

    2.    Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)

For The Roses Sessions

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, Jul-Aug, 1972

    3.    Blonde In The Bleachers (alternate guitar mix)

    4.    Barangrill (guitar/vocal mix)

    5.    Sunrise Raga    [3:41]

    6.    Twisted (early alternate version)

Side Four:

Court And Spark Demos

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, Summer 1973

     1.    Piano Suite:

  1. Down To You
  2. Court And Spark
  3. Car On A Hill
  4. Down To You

    2.    Help Me

Side Five:

Tonight’s The Night [Neil Young] Session

S.I.R., Hollywood, CA, Aug. 26, 1973

    1.    Raised On Robbery – with Neil Young & The Santa Monica Flyers

Court And Spark Sessions

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, Sep.-Oct., 1973

    2.    People’s Parties (early alternate take)

    3.    Trouble child (early alternate take)

    4.    Car On A Hill (early alternate take)

    5.    Bonderia

Side Six:

Live at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Los Angeles, CA, Mar. 3, 1974

    1.    Introduction

    2.    Free Man In Paris – with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express

    3.    The Same Situation – with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express

    4.    Just Like This Train – with Tom Scott & The L.A. Express

Live at New Victoria Theatre

London, England, Apr. 22, 1974

    5.    Intro to Jericho

    6.    Jericho

Live at Wembley Stadium

London, England, Sep. 14, 1974

    7.    Woman Of Heart And Mind

Side Seven:

The Hissing Of Summer Lawns Demos

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, 1975

    1.    In France They Kiss On Main Street

    2.    Edith And The Kingpin

    3.    Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow

    4.    Harry’s House

Side Eight:

The Hissing Of Summer Lawns Sessions

A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA, 1975

    1.    The Jungle Line (guitar/alternate vocal)

    2.    Shades Of Scarlet Conquering (alternate version)

    3.    The Boho Dance (alternate version)

    4.    Dreamland (early alternate band version)